Whitley Oil Cooperative

Are you interested in saving money on heating oil?

By pooling our requirements, we are able to negotiate a lower price for everyone.

Who can join?

Anyone in Whitley, and the surrounding areas. 

How does it work?

The Cooperative Coordinator emails existing members to let them know when the next order will be. (In time we may place a notice in the Parish Magazine, on the Village Noticeboards and of course on this website.

Members let the coordinator know how much oil they want — either a fixed number of

Litres (minimum 500) or “fill-up the tank” (we need an estimate of the likely quantity so

we have an idea of the total volume when negotiating with the suppliers).

The syndicate coordinator phones round various companies for prices based on the total

volume, and places orders on behalf of member person.

The oil is delivered on an agreed day or days, and the supplier leaves or sends each

member a bill for their own oil. The bill is payable direct to the supplier, we are expecting terms to be that payment must be made within two weeks by cheque or credit card. THE COOPERATIVES DOES NOT HANDLE ANY MONEY. In time we propose to place an order four times a year and publish a timetable, so the chances of running short are limited.

We have already grown to a membership of 100+ and extended our coverage to nearby villages of Balne, Cridling Stubbs and Womersley.

We place group orders roughly every two months in summer, most months in winter.

We always request prices from a range of suppliers. It seems clear that suppliers are becoming aware that as a community we have organised ourselves and we now have encouraged a healthy competition on price. Spread the word amongst your neighbours, the more members we have the better our position.

Interested, or want more information?

  • Contact whitleyoilcooperative@btinternet.com  or John White 01977 662917
  • Download the membership form as a word.doc or PDF
  • If you want to know more about Oil Buying Cooperatives, Rural Action Yorkshire have produced this useful and informative GUIDE.