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Our application to the High Court was not successful, but there is the possibility for this to be appealed. This is currently being assessed...it may not be over yet.


Here is the full judgement

Here is a summary of the decision 

Ground 1 – Green Belt and development which is not appropriate

Argument: The development is correctly acknowledged as inappropriate development in the Green Belt, however, the exception at paragraph 145(g) of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) should not have been applied as it only relates to ‘the construction of new buildings’.

Held: All material considerations had been taken into account. The “very special circumstances” requirement in paragraphs 143 and 144 of the NPPF means the overall balance is loaded against inappropriate development in the Green Belt. However, it was held that it made sense for the Officer’s Report to examine the issue of harm arising from the built element of the proposals, by considering whether - in the light of the buildings etc already on the site - that element could be said to have “a greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt than the existing development”.

Ground 2 – Green Belt and ‘any other harm’

Argument: That the Officer’s Report failed to recognise that “any other harm” arising from the development should include non-Green Belt harm and, as a conclusion on non-Green Belt harm had been reached at 7.33, before the Officer’s Report had addressed matters such as highways, noise and landscape, these points had not been properly considered in reaching this conclusion.

Held: A decision can be made on not only what comes before it but also in anticipation of what follows, and the correct test under paragraph 145 of the NPPF was repeated in the report.

Ground 3 – Failure to take account of policy 7/3(a)

Argument: This ground was concerned with the reference at 6.19 of the Officer’s Report to the “saved” North Yorkshire Waste Local Plan policy 7/3. It was argued that the fact a development plan policy is inconsistent with national policy does not result in a position that “no weight can be given” to the policy and therefore the planning committee were misled.

Held: The planning committee can be expected to be aware of the fact that an officer’s report is a recommendation and they can make their own decisions as to what weight they give to such statements.

Ground 4 – Consideration of alternatives

Argument: Policy 7/3 raises the issue of alternatives, in that it requires the assessment of Best Practicable Environmental Option.

Held: Given that it was found that the Officer’s Report was entitled to conclude that no weight fell to be attached to Policy 7/3, Ground 4 largely falls away. And, in any case, the alternatives to be explored to transporting the PFA from the site by road were analysed at paragraphs 7.41 and 7.42 of the Officer’s Report.

Ground 5 – Incorrect identification of the development plan

Argument: As the Officer’s Report conflated the development plan policies and those in the emerging joint plan, members of the committee were misled as to what the development plan is and the proposal was not assessed against the correct development plan.

Held: The error at paragraph 8.3 of the Officer’s Report was not material or major and the development plan is correctly identified at paragraphs 6.1 and 6.2.

Ground 6 – Failure to take account of breach of Policy SP13

Argument: In all cases, development should be sustainable and be appropriate in scale and type to its location, not harm the character of the area, and seek a good standard of amenity, as per SP13 of the Selby District Core Strategy Local Plan. At 7.66 of the Officer’s Report reference is made to the Principal Landscape Architect still considering, in February 2020, that the development would have significant adverse landscape effects which, unless mitigated, offset and reduced, would likely be contrary to landscape policy. The Officer’s Report then failed to take into account the fact that the proposal did not comply with policy SP13.

Held: The Principal Landscape Architect was not objecting to the application so long and appropriate mitigation was resolved and secured. By the time the recommendation went to the committee, having regard to the terms of the proposed section 106 agreement and the powers of control exercisable through conditions attached to the planning permission , the proposed development did accord with SP13. This was a matter of planning judgement for those responsible for producing the Officer’s report.

Overall, it was held that, even if all of the grounds were made out, they could have been addressed by minor changed to the Officer’s Report. And, such minor changes would not have altered the views of members of the planning committee one way or the other.





WE MUST UNITE and this is WHY...

How many times have Parish Councils been questioned why we are empowered to represent our communities and yet Parish Councils ARE NOT BEING LISTENED TO especially about Planning decisions made in our own village?

Whitley, Cridling Stubbs, Wolmersley and Heck Parish Councils have united to challenge North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) planning process and the decision on Gale Common Planning Application. We are taking our case to High Court Judicial Review (JV).  Every planning decision on industrialisation or housing development in all our villages affects us! Your village may be next!

We need all the backing and support from our communities to get our voices heard. Please remember SDC will cease to exist and all decisions will be made from NYCC. Our Parish Councils need to be heard and given more power and that is why we must win the Judicial Review and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Please donate generously to Gale Common Just Giving Page

To bring awareness and unite our communities, we are organising Community Events. Hopefully this first Inter-Parish/Village friendly10-pin bowling event at Selby SuperBowl on 26th November at 7.30pm will be the start of our Community and Parish Union. All funds raised will go towards our JV Challenge.

Each team from your Parish will comprise of 4 players at £25 per person. A team of 4 = £100. Your Parish can have more than a team. Payments must be made when you register. CLOSING DATE: 15th November 2021. If there are not enough teams to hold this event, it will be cancelled and all payments will be refunded.


  • 7:00 pm : Registration and Light Buffet

  • 7.30 pm : Tournament commence

  • 9.30 pm : Announcement of winners

    To register, please contact Laura Watkinson-Teo: Email: laura.watkinson-teo@outlook.com Mobile: 07788680100 




Gale Common Ash Extraction
Planning Decision NY/2019/0091/ENV
North Yorkshire County Council
November 2020


Four North Yorkshire parish councils, Cridling Stubbs, Heck, Whitley & Womersley, have come together to seek to challenge this decision by NYCC planning committee. We four councils, along with many local residents, numerous other bodies and our MP Nigel Adams, raised serious, well argued objections to the proposals by EPUKI about the unprecedented long term environmental, health, pollution and safety impacts on the Greenbelt and our communities. All local concerns, along with our pleas for greener, more sustainable extraction and transport options were rejected by NYCC planning. We believe the process and decision making was fundamentally flawed and are looking to legally challenge this decision by Judicial Review. That process has now begun. The Action Group, GCAG, will be the hub for information, awareness and fundraising.


If we want our voice to be heard we need to ACT!


Assist! contact the group if you want to help our cause in any way.


Contribute! we are in a legal fight which may well go to the High Court. We need to raise serious funds to challenge NYCC and EPUKI.


Talk! we need to hear your views. Comment on our FB page or post a video or image of how you feel about your area and the Greenbelt being affected in this way. Pollution, road safety, noise, 266 extra HGV traffic movements along Whitefield Lane and the A19 every working day…
Contact any of the four parish councils or their councillors through the normal channels







Saturday 22nd May 10.30am

Back by popular demand now lockdown rules allow groups to meet outdoors, the Parish Council are holding a litter pick.

This is your opportunity to make a difference.

Would you be willing to help keep our village litter free? Join our community litter pick Saturday 22nd May at 10.30am meeting in the car park of the George and Dragon. Bags and litter pickers will be provided, but please bring your own gloves. Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. 

Meet back at the pub for a coffee














This scheme is being initiated RIGHT HERE IN WHITLEY, with £500,000 allocated for crime prevention measures in the Whitley Ward. We’re urging everyone to check it out. All households will be receiving information through the post soon.



Whitley Daffodil Park


The Parish Council are looking into improvements we can make to the Daffodil Park.


We are starting with painting all the playground equipment, which we hope will start soon, and we have employed a new contractor to cut the grass which should be done (subject to the weather) every 2 weeks from March to November.
Over the last couple of years we have had help to maintain the paths and the shrubbery areas but this might not be possible due to social distancing.
If you would like to volunteer to help with jobs around the park please get in touch.
And if you have any ideas we would love to hear from you, we are particularly keen to receive ideas from children and young people.

contact our Clerk     clerk4whitleypc@gmail.com





Whitley Parish Council wants to ensure our community stays safe and well during this time. Particularly for our vulnerable and elderly residents. We have already been in contact with those that we know, but if there are residents that need assistance we are here to do what we can.

Please contact us if you are vulnerable or elderly and genuinely need some community help. We would also like to hear from any local residents who can advise on assistance in any way, should we need it.

Call parish councillors (01977)

Kath 662720 Simon 662271 or John 662917

email: clerk4whitleypc@gmail.com

*The George & Dragon are delivering food and offering essential items to buy. 01977 277374

      *Crown Garden Centre now have a delivery service. 01977 661643

            *Premier Eggborough offer a delivery service to senior residents. 01977 782000






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