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Hello – Wondering what this is all about? Well, to be brief we need more evidence for funders regarding the lack of amenities in Whitley and how they impact you and your family. The funding we require is to support the purchase of a building/land in the village for a Community Centre now that we have established the need. The more people complete this survey, the more evidence we have to show prospective funding agencies


Whitley Community Centre Group Facebook Page

Have you joined our Facebook Group? We continue to post items to our closed group on FB, if you want to keep updated - go to FB and search for Whitley Community Group, then click the Join button. We're waiting to welcome you!



This group was formed by Whitley residents in response to the news that All Saints Church will most likely CLOSE. It is not connected to Whitley Parish Council, and any residents may join this group in order to support community activities in Whitley.