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Let's ban Social Isolation! 

Living in the busy village of Whitley means that many of us have a daily commute out early in the morning and arrive back late evening.

This means that being so busy we can easily forget our neighbour who has lived in the village for many years and is now unable to drive, cannot get to the shops, has few visitors etc...

The posh term for this is Social Isolation, it didn't happen years ago because families often lived in the same road, street or avenue and kept social isolation at bay through popping in for a cuppa, getting a bit of shopping in etc.

Let's make Whitley a village to be proud of and reduce or even banish Social Isolation from our community.

Attached is a neighbourhood digital pack document. It contains useful hints and tips for keeping in touch with your neighbour (could be an elderly person or couple, single mum or even a young executive couple). Any/all these people could welcome your help by taking in a parcel, bringing them a pint of milk when you pop to the shops, picking up a prescription and many other ways - it may even be just a 15 minute chat and cuppa now and again.

The last page of the pack has a handy print out card that you can write a message on and pop through your neighbours letterbox.

Let's ban Social Isolation!

Helpful Neighbours 



Hello – Wondering what this is all about? Well, to be brief we need more evidence for funders regarding the lack of amenities in Whitley and how they impact you and your family. The funding we require is to support the purchase of a building/land in the village for a Community Centre now that we have established the need. The more people complete this survey, the more evidence we have to show prospective funding agencies


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*This group was formed by Whitley residents in response to the news that All Saints Church will most likely CLOSE. It is not connected to Whitley Parish Council, and any residents may join this group in order to support community activities in Whitley.